(elementary, minimal Bio)
End: 2015
Founder: Dither Craf
Co Founders: Stefano Buonamico, Roberto Fiorucci, Gervy Costa
Last Line Up: Dither Craf, Echo Eerie, Vinz Aquarian, Léo Maury

Genres: Avantgarde, Progressive, Post Industrial, Folk, Post Rock, Acid Jazz, Psychedelic, Krautrock
Self-Defined Genres: Retrogarde, Atonal Pop Combo, Regressive, Post Atomic Folk, Post Human Dance Music
Label: ATRO.FACT (own archive/no label)


photo by Fabio De Stefano

Mushroom’s Patience was an Italian/Austrian avantgarde band formed in 1985 in Rome, Italy.
Their music combines different genres of music with a personal post-human philosophical thought.
The band’s typical concept albums tell stories about strange mutated creatures and hazardous journeys across wasted post-industrial lands,
in the past through Dicer’s Oath and now through Jellyfish, a journey across itself, turning around, forever for four.

Mushroom’s Patience have explored different music styles in their career and many talented artists such as Stefano Buonamico, Luca Raffaelli, Roberto Fiorucci, Juergen Weber (Novy Svet) have been members and have contributed to realize music under the flag of this project.


It isn’t possible to classify Mushroom’s Patience as a specific genre because every release is different to the previous in style and genre, and so journalists and music critics alike have always found it very difficult to paint a picture or write a biography about them, in some cases they invented something strange that has made the cryptic story of this band even more insane.

In fact only confused and chaotic information can be found on the web and on paper because the band hate to have an official line of communication and quoting a thought of mastermind Dither Craf: “Only an empty bin needs to be described to exist”.


The anarchistic mood of this band makes every kind of collaboration with musicians from different origins possible and thanks to this peculiar characteristic they have found in a mushroom the perfect symbol to describe their anarchist vision.

The name comes from the text of an old Japanese book for children and was read by Dither Craf during his long and psychedelic stay in South Kensington (London) in 1980.

Jellyfish is the last official album of the band under the artistic direction of Walter Robotka of KG. After two long years of recording sessions it was released with the valuable presence of Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire), Chis Connelly (Ministry, Revolting Cocks) and many other great artists of the international music scene.

After the death of the best friend and actor Gervy Costa and after 30 years of glorious music enjoyed together, in December 2015 the band decided to stop.
Dither Craf started a new project called Microloop.

Special thanks to all those who have been fundamental for Mushroom’s Patience… a big thanks to “the first lineup: Stefano Buonamico, Luca Raffaelli, Antonello Varallo, Roberto Fiorucci, Roberto De Falco, Mr Juergen Weber (Novy Svet), the unforgettable Gervy Costa and to Walter Robotka (Klanggalerie) for the precious work spent for the band.